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How to Maintain an Engine Cooling System?

June 01, 2019

Cooling System Impurities 

After long time running, the cooling system may be affected by many types of dirt formed inside it. The type of dirt varies according to use and maintenance conditions of the cooling system. For example, as most engineering vehicles usually use water, the dirt formed inside the cooling system is mainly incrustation. However, for vehicles which always use antifreeze, the main impurity formed inside the cooling system may be gel-based dirt.

Other types of impurities inside the cooling system include: ① degraded anticorrosive agents, oxidized ethylene or propylene glycol ② heavy metals ③ hard water impurities ④ physical impurities ⑤ electrolyte

Major Faults of the Engine Cooling System

1. The water temperature of the engine is too high

2. The water temperature of the engine is too low

3. Cooling system leak

There are many reasons for engine overheating. The most common one is that the impurities formed inside the cooling system, like incrustation scale and gel-based dirt, block the waterway and thus affect the cooling effect.

Cooling system leak usually refers to the leak occurs in the water tank, water pipe and cylinder head gasket.


1. Solution to High Temperature Problem

Cooling system cleaning agent together with special equipment can help solve engine overheating problem caused by dirt accumulation.

(1) How to choose the cleaning agent?

① Acidic cleaning agent is ideal for most sediments

② If the gel is not hard, you can also use alkaline or non-corrosive cleaning agent, in addition to acidic cleaning agent

③ Removing oily impurities requires acidic cleaning agent.

(2) Handling Method

Connect the special equipment to the vehicle, and put the cleaning agent to the engine cooling system. After it works under the normal operating temperature for 30 minutes, replace the old antifreeze through the equipment.

2. Solution to Cooling System Leak

(1) Leak Analysis

Water tank leak is mainly in the form of granule and strip. Water pipe leak is a problem usually resulting from crazing and aging, in addition to damages.

(2) Handling Method

By using plugging agents, water tank leak problem can be completely solved. The plugging agent, a chemical substance similar to a bulking agent, is capable of plugging all leaky parts.